The art of mixology

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The art of mixology

Mixology is focused on innovating by mixing classic drinks to find new flavours, aromas, colours and textures of the most exquisite and creative cocktails in the world. This science is considered an art because you can achieve a harmony of flavours and also measure the exact volume of alcohol to obtain balanced and delightful drinks. So if you’re passionate about cocktails here you can learn why mixology is an art.

In the 1980s, scientists Herve This and Nicholes Kurti discovered ‘molecular gastronomy” a technique of mixing new cocktails at a molecular level. The name Mixology was created based on that, a word from the term ”Mix” and the ancient Greek “logike”. It was first published in 1862 in the cocktail book “The Bon Vivannt´s companion or how to mix drinks” by Herry Thomas.

Differences between a Bartender and a Mixologist

In cocktail making, Mixologist is considered to be the person who studies in detail the mix of classic drinks to create new and different cocktails; unlike Bartender, who focuses on getting to know a little more about the variety of popular cocktails for providing good service and unique and unforgettable experiences. In general, the job of these professionals is to extend the limits of cocktail making to innovate with new flavours and offer sensory experiences.

So if you want to develop the techniques and skills of a Bartender or Mixologist, it is essential to highlight the creativity of how the drinks are prepared with quality, by combining fresh flavours, fruit juices, measured alcohol and most importantly, a variety of tricks to surprise the consumer.

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Trends in the Art of Mixology

In this creative world of cocktails, minimalism is becoming increasingly popular with natural and versatile flavours, as well as the bet on exotic and spicy flavours to delight all types of consumers.

Naturalness or the use of local products play a great role in mixology because you can experience the origins and traditions of different places, where such cocktails are created or consumed. For example non-alcoholic cocktails or with a low volume, and of course, applying the famous phrase ‘less is more” to get new flavours in the art of cocktails.

Keys to the current cocktail world.

  1. Exotic cocktails:

For more experienced and knowledgeable consumers, it’s a good idea to innovate with exotic flavours and ingredients. You can surprise this type of consumer with tequilas, strong mezcal and Japanese whiskies, among others. These drinks are perfect for people looking for new cocktails with a specific blend of exotic fruits and different alcohols.

     2. Natural cocktails:

In these days of healthy and sustainable life, most consumers opt for natural products. In the cocktail world, it is applied through the most homemade flavours possible to obtain traditional or artisanal mixers, to experience original and healthy recipes for all types of consumers.

       3. Spicy flavours:

In gastronomy as in the art of Mixology, Mexican, Peruvian or Indian cuisine are a trend worldwide for their spicy flavours and health benefits, as spicy helps digestion, sleep, burn calories and best of all, to perceive flavours with more intensity.

         4. Zero km:

In the great preparations of a Bartender, you can not miss the exquisite citrus fruits, because products from the culinary world and, of course, from the cocktail industry have been a trend. Currently, this type of flavours stands out for the preparation of cocktails with natural aromas, juice and citrus pulp due to its exclusive process of integral breaking of lemon and orange.

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