Welcome to Hobbiehub your platform for online hobby classes!


Welcome to Hobbiehub your platform for online hobby classes!

We’re a new skill-sharing, learning platform that allows everyday people to connect and present their hobbies with likeminded others from all corners of the globe.

It’s essentially entertainment, education and fun, virtual interaction for those seeking a little sanity amidst a pandemic that’s stripped us of our freedom.

With amazing classes taught by proficient home-experts, there’s something at HobbieHub for everyone. We’re is that alternative that you’ve been looking for!

Let’s discuss what we’re all about a little further below.

What We Do

Have you been going a little stir-crazy while stuck indoors these past few months? Well, HobbieHub have come to the rescue!

We’re an online marketplace where our users (Hobbiers), can record and post content of themselves doing what they love. Audiences from all over the world (Hubbers), can then tune in and educate themselves or gain fresh insights to a diverse range of topics, activities and skills.

Being experts at their craft, Hobbiers can be paid for their content depending on the nature and skill levels of their hobbies. 

We’re looking for those with extensive interest in the hobbies such as:

Why We Started HobbieHub

HobbieHub was initially a concept born in light of the coronavirus sweeping our nations and forcing us into isolation, experiencing loneliness and ultimately making friends with boredom. But who said it had to be so bad?

Australians will be the lucky first few that will get to experience the new and improved concept of socialising through a dynamic, resource-rich entertainment platform.

It’s an opportunity for Australians to turn their time into an investment and make use of the terrible situation that is the Coronavirus. With more people spending a majority of their days and nights at home and online, there couldn’t be a better time to get started with HobbieHub.

Get yourself online and start being sociable again with live interactional sessions with real people!

How are we different?

At HobbieHub, our marketplace is driven by regular people just like you. We focus on achieving one primary objective, and we’re proud to say we do it well – We’ve establishing fun, interactive way to communicate with others and make a positive difference in people’s lives!

Here are a few reasons to check us out:

  • Community & Emotional Support – You’ll never feel alone with HobbieHub!
  • Easy to Navigate – Find exactly what you’re looking for on a super user-friendly platform
  • Get paid! – Monetise your efforts and be paid for your teachings, knowledge and advice
  • Help others affected by COVID-19 – Encourage a healthy mental state of being for those who need it most
  • Make a new circle of friends – Take onboard top tips from the pros.

See something you think a friend or family member could find useful? You can also purchase an experience, lesson and other educational content for others. A unique, online learning activity is a perfect gift for a loved one – especially in a time of crisis and recommended social distancing.

How can I start as a Hobbier?

Joining HobbieHub and making money is as simple as a sign-up process. However, there are a few criteria you’ll need to meet before becoming a Hobbier on the platform. You will need to have:

  • A hobby to share or teach – This can include a language, crafts, cooking, cocktails, personal training, yoga, meditation, makeup, social networks or photography.
  • Moderate to advanced knowledge to conduct valuable learning sessions – generally 30 – 60-minute sessions.
  • Two hours or more to spare each week.
  • Access to internet and devices allowing video interaction with your guests.
  • The ability to teach patiently and adapt to other’s learning needs.
  • Proof that you are over 18 years old.

You can normally expect a 72-hour registration process in which you’ll receive a notification to begin uploading your content to a world of interested listeners. 

That’s another reason why we’re different from other platforms. We only approve the best quality video content so can be sure you’re up against some healthy competition while Hubbers always receive premium services.

Why become a Hobbier? – The Benefits

Join our most successful and lucrative Hobbiers and find out why you’d want to be a part of our vision, goals and most importantly, expert community. You’ll be working for yourself and sharing the dream of being your own boss with flexible timeframes to suit both you and your customers.

Being a Hobbier is also a fantastic way to promote yourself and your passion and target a specific group of Hubbers.

Be sure to price to your experiences and teachings fairly within the marketplace to increase your chances of maintaining both repeat and new audiences. 

Let’s look at some of the other benefits of being a Hobbier:

  • Make some extra cash – Potential income support for those affected by COVID-19. We’re here to assist people who’ve lost jobs or are experiencing financial hardship.
  • Spread the generosity – Know that you’re helping thousands of people through a tough time.
  • Work from literally anywhere – as long as you have access to the internet, you’ll be fully flexible in terms of a workspace.
  • Have up to 5 hobbies available to viewers at a time.
  • Improve people’s lives – Someone could really benefit from something they’ve learnt from you in more ways than you can imagine by providing affordable, valuable content.

Be a Better Hobbier – Here’s some advice!

As a new Hobbier with HobbieHub, you’ll start to perfect your content and output strategies and in turn, ultimately want to improve and make a few more bucks. 

Here’s some of our tips and advice for building a steady, effective content channel that’ll attract the viewers you want:

  1. Create your profile – 100% complete profiles attract larger audiences and show potential clients you’re serious about what you do.
  1. Use high quality video/imagery – Give off that expert look by giving your content that professional touch with thorough information and a catchy title.
  1. Be on time! – Ensure you exude exceptional punctuality by not keeping customers waiting when they’ve already made a booking.
  1. Create a schedule – Take on more bookings with a clearly outlined calendar.
  1. Publish Certification – Try to show clients you are formally qualified in the area of expertise you’re providing. Although not a requirement, it’s still a great idea!
  1. Remember to share – Share your hobby around your networks exposing thousands of people to what you’re offering.

So, there you have it! You’ll no longer have to worry about finding the family something constructive to do. There’s endless hours of incredibly resourceful content to enjoy and to learn from. 

We’ve also got a newsletter you can subscribe to often with promotional offers and other news keeping members up to date with our platform.

What are you waiting for? Join HobbieHub today! It’s quick and easy and you can be showing off your hobbies in no time!
Sign up here – Happy Hobby-ing!

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