Last fashion and beauty Trends 2020

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Last fashion and beauty Trends 2020

Do you like to have a healthy lifestyle and always be fashionable but you find routines complicated? If so, don’t be eagerted. There are several fashion and beauty tips that you can put into practice, through online fashion courses or makeup classes to start having a healthy lifestyle and be fashionable as you always dreamed.

Get to know the best looks of this season

With all the events that we have passed worldwide, it is a secret that several sectors have been affected, and above all that of fashion, which has had to be reinvented. So if you are passionate about this world of beauty, now you can put your online skills into practice and bring your talent to afloat so that you have a healthy and, of course, fashionable lifestyle.

To stay connected on video business calls or online celebrations, we recommend you leave behind some trends and renew yourself with new natural style and character looks.

  • Blazers and Blazers
    This is the perfect combination for any occasion, as you can look formal but casual and relaxed. You can combine this outfit with everything and they are the best choice for a meeting or any kind of celebration. And for you to keep it in mind, this year and next will continue to be a trend.
  • Midi skirts
    If you like a vintage style more, now you can relive the 50’s and be fashionable. Great, isn’t it? You can combine your midi skirt with a top, stylish t-shirt or blouse, you’re sure to love it, it’s the perfect look for partying or if you prefer, show a sophisticated style.
  • High boots
    Put aside the ankle boots and dare to an amazing look with high boots, preferably above the knee. This is the right addition to match them with skirts, dresses and even your favorite trousers. Best of all, they’re totally comfortable!
  • Slouchy pants
    Have you heard of these pants? If not, now you can try them and renew your style. They can be combined any way you want and are super comfortable. In case you didn’t know, they’re a loose style of trousers, inspired by various styles and in the fashion of the 90’s.

    So if you want to look spectacular this season, we recommend that you have clear the two basic rules of wearing them, ‘mark the waist and show the ankles’, as it is the only way to make them look good and look good.

And what are the trends in beauty and makeup?

Just as fashion trends are floating, so are beauty trends. See how you can look fantastic and try different makeup routines for what’s left of this year.

  • Rainbow Shadows
    For an outgoing and out of the ordinary look, we recommend the striking rainbow shadows, which is a cheerful and fun proposal you can practice. In the same way, keep in mind that your outfit must be neutral so that your makeup stands out to the maximum.

    If you want to know more tricks about this beauty look, you can also take some online makeup courses and learn some skin care routine along the way. They’re amazing!
  • SCRUNCHIES from the 90s

    Do you remember the hairstyles with Scrunchies? They are divine! And for this season you can rewear them in the best style, as they returned to the fashion world to transform all kinds of hairstyles. In 2020 came silk, organza and velvet with floral prints, geometric and different colors.
    You’ll love it!
  • Braids
    Are one of the hairstyles that will never go out of fashion, and the best thing is that you can combine them with trendy accessories such as hair piercings, brooches, scrunchies or with a cute bandana.

    And to make you look a little more creative with your fashionable hairstyles, you can also learn different types of braids with the best online classes from Here you will be able to implement your favorite lifestyle and fashion hobby with different lessons and online workshops.
  • Gloss Lips
    Effect This effect was one of the most loved and remembered in 2000. Do you still remember?Well, he’s back, and to stay for a long time. It is a way to highlight your lips naturally and gain greater dimension with its spectacular shine.

And to keep you up to date, you can also take the best online makeup classes, where you will learn care routines for natural skin, eyebrow and lip makeup, acrylic nails and even a natural scent blending workshop.

Cheer up! You will surely have an unforgettable experience.

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