How to become a bartender and make your own cocktails

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How to become a bartender and make your own cocktails

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the idea of being able to mix, shake and stir a variety of delicious cocktails from the comfort of their living room? Whether the plan is to enjoy a few beverages in the Summer months, or become the ‘hostess with the mostess’ for your dinner party guests, cocktail lessons are a fun learning experience that could just turn into one of your favourite hobbies!

Learn How To Create Great Cocktails

Have you ever considered yourself a connoisseur of the cocktail variety? Do you find yourself analysing every mixed drink you get your hands on and questioning the ratios of spirits to mixers? Do you enjoy making up your own concoctions from your home and testing them on friends? Sounds like it might be time to take things to the next level and learn the art of mixology in a fun and engaging environment.

Whether you have a deep-seated interest in learning the art, or are simply along for the ride, cocktail workshops cater to people from all walks of life. You might be looking to create cocktails at home in Sydney, or cocktails at home in Melbourne, or anywhere around Australia. With the essential skills up your sleeve, it doesn’t matter where the creating takes place. The important first step is finesse your skills and master the art through lessons. You can learn on your own or join other friends online!

What’s On The Menu?

Before heading off to a cocktail course, you want to know what’s on the menu. Here are some of the more popular cocktails to titillate your senses:

Aperol Spritz: forget the premade mixers from the bottle shop, learning to make your very own version of this Italian cocktail from scratch is a game changer. 

Mojito: this Cuban Highball is a delicious Summer drink. Mixing your own allows you to play with the flavours to perfect it to your tastes.

Old Fashioned: with a little sugar, whiskey and bitters, this a tasty tipple that makes the perfect night cap.

Tequila Sunrise: calling Summer holidays and lazy days by the beach. It’s time to throw away the premade mixers and perfect this delicious drink from scratch. You’ll be inviting everyone over to try it on a hot Summer’s day.

Discover How To Be A Bartender

Becoming a mixology expert is simply the first step (and an important one at that). Once you know how to create amazing cocktails, the next step is to polish your bartender skills. 

Can you flip a bottle of spirits? Can you add a spin for good measure? Knowing your way around a bottle is just as essential as getting the quantities right. What you will learn is that this is an art to be perfected, and a masterclass will have you well on your way. It’s about creativity, balance and the desire to innovate and extend yourself along the way. With the basics under your belt, you can head off and build on your skills to ensure you wow guests at your next dinner party.

Not keen to go in person? Don’t worry, these classes are all run online to make it even easier for you. This means you can stay in the comfort of your home and take advantage of bartender classes online to equip yourself with the necessary skills. It’s an exercise in wellness that will have you feeling great about your achievements.

It’s a great time to jump on the cocktail making bandwagon and learn an art that will serve you well in the coming years. It’s a dangerous rabbit hole to dive into, but there will be no regrets – just plenty of laughs and lots of taste testing. Sign up to HobbieHub today.

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