Get the best gifts for dad and celebrate in the way he likes the most.

Father Day

Get the best gifts for dad and celebrate in the way he likes the most.

Most people consider their dad to be the best and they are very right, all beings that inhabit this world are unique and irreplaceable and more when it comes to our relatives. But have you ever wondered what kind of dad do you have? When we are small because of their character, some consider them scolding or cranky, in adolescence some are our best accomplices to help us with mom, and in adulthood, they are our best friends, those who understand us more than ever and those who give us their best advice on life. So if you’ve had different moments or unique stories with your father, it’s time to remember them and find out what kind of dad you have to let him know and share with him a fun experience on his big day.

Parents often go through the situation of comparison with their children, they begin to hear phrases like ”have your same eyes” or ‘laugh like you” referring to the most striking characteristics but when we are young, we don’t realize the resemblance to our parents, but when we pass the years or as we move away from they, that’s when we really take into account all the similarities and good habits generated by the years of coexistence with them. To know what kind of parent you have, we recommend you think or analyze how you lived or live with him.

How do I know what kind of dad I have?

Living with our parents until a certain age is a situation that happens to many differently. Some teens take the risk of going to a young age because they do not stand the rules of the house, others because of uncontrollable situations of life, and most because of a cycle that must be followed. But what is really important in the face of distancing or coexistence, is not to break that bond between father and child, because it is a fundamental link to learn to socialize with the environment, and above all, to maintain a strengthened and healthy family stimulus to live together.

By understanding your father’s behavior in certain situations, it lets you know its most relevant characteristics and thus be able to determine what kind of dad you have, such as in situations of sadness, if he is understanding and strong, you can detect that he is a positive dad but if he is very emotional and distant, he means that he is a dad sensitive. However, to detect the behaviors accurately, it is necessary to know the type of personality he has and since you are the only one who knows him well and has lived with him, we invite you to put into practice the following steps to detect the type of dad you have and make him live a unique and unparalleled experience on Father’s Day.

Ways to celebrate Father’s Day according to your type of dad:
  1. For the father scolding.

This type of dad is hard to impress, as he is controlling and wants to reflect his good deeds by emphasizing discipline as the most fundamental thing in life. So if you want to surprise him in his day and make him spend a very pleasant time, we recommend sharing with him or giving him an intensive Crossfit course, where they can implement the discipline and keep them healthy and fun.


2. Funny dad.

Parents who are unauthoritarian and are more interested in a friendly relationship with their children, are characterized by being more flexible and understanding, because if at some point he defended you from mom and took you everywhere becoming your confidant, he will surely love an afternoon of online mental games or a live dance class. Come on to give him a new experience and what better if it is with you.

3. For the old-fashioned dad.

This type of dad is characterized by asking for help in everything related to technology and is constantly upset with people who do things differently than he does them. For them we recommend a Marketing and Technology class, where they can learn how to manage all social networks and a variety of technological devices, in which they can update and share with you the best moments online.

4. For the modern dad.

The modern father is one of the most updated compared to other types of dads, because he likes to be active in the digital world and know different ways to interact. If you consider your dad to be one of them, he will surely find it amazing to meet people from different parts of the world. So if you want to make him spend a different and unique day on Father’s Day, you can give him a live Cocktail or Language experience, where you can learn new ways to communicate or who knows, until you host your next guests with the mix of multiple flavors in their drinks.

Is it better to have a material or experience gift?

Sharing great moments of life with the family is essential to live in a pleasant or healthy way with the people around us. So we can learn to be more understanding, empathetic, and above all, friendly to society. Therefore, one of the best testimonies in life is young children, who whenever they want to surprise their parents or show them their love, like to make their own gifts and use their imagination to share. The surprising thing is that children when they want to give a gift very few think about ‘buy” because for them, the most important thing is to show their affection, regardless of the gift. So if you want to surprise Dad and keep that bond of father and son, we recommend making him live a new experience and turn Father’s Day into his date of happiness rather than material.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of dad you have or what gift you give him, remember that for them the only thing that makes them happy is knowing how much you love him and sharing the best moments with you. So if you already know what to give to dad in his day or are still thoughtful about his tastes, here you can also see more options depending on his favorite hobby.

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